Expect the These 6 Things if You Are Starting Working Out

You will feel a considerable difference after exercising if you just came from a log break or started exercising for the first time. Exercising is a huge change that leads to different physical and mental changes. There are also many health benefits of exercising regularly. With that said, the following are six things you should expect once you start exercising.

  • You Have More Energy

When you begin your exercise regimen, you may notice that you are most energized. You have more energy afterward and are motivated to work out more. Exercise builds your mitochondria and capillaries in the muscles. The mitochondria help the muscle cells to produce more power. You may feel an energy depletion immediately after the workout, but often you feel good sometime later. It is also because of the endorphins released during exercise that boosts energy. Therefore, it becomes easier to tackle tasks and work out more.

  • Your Muscle Mass Will Increase

This will not be visible at first, but you may start to notice your muscles are swelling with time. Exercise promotes blood flow to the muscles, which boosts muscle growth. Therefore, it helps you become stronger and bulkier. However, building muscle mass takes time and effort. You can increase the results by using beta-alanine or any other supplement that boosts muscle growth. You may think, Why does beta-alanine make me itch? All you need to know is that the itchiness is a mild side effect that goes away with time. Nonetheless, even if the changes are not visible, you may feel your muscles have become toned with time.

  • Your Muscles Will Be Sore

You may feel pain after exercise because of the micro-tears on the muscles during a workout. Feeling sore should not discourage you from working out. It is an indication that you worked out your muscles. However, the soreness should not determine the effectiveness of your exercise. You can look for ways to reduce muscle soreness and prepare them for the next workout.

  • You Will Sleep Better

If you have had trouble sleeping before, you might notice a change after you start working out. Exercise improves sleep quality by decreasing insomnia and helping you stay asleep longer. According to research, exercise is part of insomnia treatments. Getting quality sleep means your muscles are getting enough time to recover.

  • Your Mood Might Improve

Exercise is also linked to improved mood. It has been shown to increase the production of endorphins, a feel-good chemical that improves mood and minimizes stress. Therefore, it effectively treats anxiety and depression by alleviating the symptoms and managing the mental health condition.

  • You May Feel Hungrier

Your body burns a lot of calories during the workout. The more calories you burn, the hungrier you feel. The best way to tackle hunger is by making sure you refuel before and after exercise for more energy. When you feel hungry, you should never eat junk or unhealthy foods. Learn to control your craving until you get a healthier option since you have devoted yourself to the healthy route.


When you start exercising, there are various changes you will begin to experience. These are good changes that will improve your physical and mental health. Make it a routine and choose a healthy diet for the best results.