The Proven Health Benefits of Beer.

The general rule is that if it tastes good, then it’s bad for you and if it tastes bad, then it’s good for you. Many people find this is generally the case, but there is one area where this is not true. When it comes to drinking beer many people wrongfully assume that it’s bad for us, but statistics tell us otherwise. Many beers especially craft beers, can be really good for your health and like everything else in life, it’s all about drinking it in moderation.

If you haven’t tried beer new zeelandt, then you are generally missing out on a real treat. Nobody is encouraging you to drink more beer, but when you read about the following benefits of doing so, you might change your mind.

  • You Might Live Longer – It’s all about enjoying your beer in moderation and if you do, then you will find that beer is actually good for you. Medical research tells us that not drinking any alcohol at all is not good for you, and it is believed that moderate drinkers live longer. It has a lower alcohol content than spirits currently on the market and it keeps you calm, helps you to relax and it definitely promotes good health.
  • It has natural ingredients – Beer can provide you with many different vitamins and it is completely natural. Don’t believe all the stories that it is full of preservatives and other harmful additives. The alcohol and hops contained within it, are completely natural preservatives and these help to keep it fresh.
  • It has no fat or cholesterol – Beer actually contains less calories than you might think, and consuming the same amount in skimmed milk or orange juice, for example, contains the same amount of calories. The only other drinks that can provide you with less calories are tea, coffee and water, and they are no fun to drink at all.

As well as these health benefits, having a glass or two of beer really helps you to relax and reduce your stress levels. There is nothing nicer at the end of a working week like a cold glass of beer. It also helps you to be more sociable with friends and family, and you can invite them around for a barbeque and a few bottles of beer. It also contains fibre which is essential to keep you regular and provides you with magnesium and potassium.